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BMW M5 is one of the higher performing cars of the BMW 5 series of cars manufactured by the BMW Company. The carrying capacity of the car is that of a saloon car. However the performance is that of a sports car. This is of much help to the people who want such great performing cars for their needs.

The great facilities that the owner of the car will be getting from the company are of prime importance to the customers. Water buffalo leather which is used in the car enhances the look of the car considerably. The glass moon roof also adds a level of sophistication and style to the car. Full trunk carpeting, power seats, cruise control, central locking are some of the facilities which has been given in the car for the people. The car is available in jet black color and this adds a certain level of charm to the car. The great wheels of the car enable one to dive the car comfortably even in bad roads. The metric wheels help in enhancing the look of the car also. These are some of the reasons why the car despite having the capacity of a saloon ca has features of a sports car.

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