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When the BMW X1 was initially launched, it did not have much competition to face. However the launch of the Audi Q3 changed the equation and the BMW Company had to think of newer ways of countering this marketing strategy. What the company did was to upgrade the car in many divisions. This helped in countering the Audi car and also appealing more to the customers. The up market glossy color of the car is a big help for many people. This helps in giving the car an aristocratic look and also makes it look handsome. The front lights in many of the cars have been changed to the LED lights. The reshaped exterior mirrors also add a touch of sophistication to the car.

The all black theme in the interior of the car gives the car a great look. This enhances the appeal of the car and makes the car look awesome. The leather grip of the steering wheel is another factor which makes the car look great. The longer wheelbase and the extra space for the people is what are very helpful in this upgraded model. Satellite navigation, parking sensors are some of the other facilities in this upgraded model.

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