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BMW 6 series fall under the luxury cars segment. They are the first generation of the 7 Series of cars made by this company. the interiors as well as the exterior of the car is one which will catch the eyes of the customers easily. The great interior and the classy exterior of the car surely capture many eye balls. The interior have been made with leather and this adds a certain level of class to the look of the car.

The car is available in turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines. This increases the options of the customers who will be making the purchase of the cars. The body style of this car is made available in three distinct styles by the company. One is the two door coupe, the other option is the two doors convertible and the third is the four door coupe. All these styles have been incorporated so as to give more varieties to the people. This will enable one to make the car suit the needs of various individuals and will also help the company to maintain the reputation of the car. BMW 6 Series is therefore a great luxury car option.

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