BMW 1 Series

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The BMW 1 Series is the series of luxury cars which are been manufactured by the company BMW. This range is the successor of BMW Compact and has been manufactured in four different body styles till now. The great make of the car and the good performance are the two reasons for the popularity of the car among the people since its inception. The intelligent all wheel drive technology in the car enables one to drive easily on all kinds of roads easily. This is the reason why many people opt for such cars.

The series with the five door option has enough space in the car to seat four passengers. There are two seats in the rear part of the car in the car and a place can be stowed in the center of the car also. This can be made into a third seat if required by the person. The effect dynamics technology used in the car enables the car to reduce the consumption of fuel. This is helpful as the person will be able to save on fuel. Brake energy regeneration, auto start stop function and shift point display are the other striking features in the car.

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