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BMW 8 series is a grand tourer car manufactured by the BMW Company. Many people thought that his range of cars was the successor of the BMW 6 series. But this is just a misconception that most people have. This is a new class of cars which has been built to target the customers with a high purchasing power and also for those who will want a high technology enabled car to suit their needs. Hence this is an altogether new class of cars.

The initial models of the car were heavy and received criticism from the people. The company immediately changed the cars and introduced a lighter version of the car. This is very helpful for the people as this enhances the driving experience. The car is available in the coupe version for the people. The fuel efficiency of this car is of paramount importance. The fuel consumption is low and the carbon di-oxide emission percentage is lower. This is therefore a good car to buy and also help in reducing pollution. The car is available in an automatic and manual transmission. The car was used even in motor sports by the people in many countries.

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