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The Mercedes Benz sl class of cars was marketed by the company as a grand tourer car. The SL in the name refers to sports lightweight. The car has been upgraded immensely in the six generations by the company. This has led the car to become a grand vehicle for going from one place to the other by a person. The manufacturers have kept note of the changes in technology and have readily incorporated them in the making of this car. They have added electric windows, mirrors, seats and roof. The changes have been done so as to keep the people well attuned with the changes taking place all over the world.

The engine of the car has been upgraded to increase the fuel efficiency and the reliability on the car. This is helpful as most people will be able to cut down on the expenses and earn more money in the long run from them. The tail lamps and the bumper have also been given a touch of modernity by the makers so as to cater to the changing needs of the people in the recent times. This will ensure the continued popularity of the car.

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