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Mercedes Benz M class is a medium sized luxury sports utility vehicle manufactured by the company, Mercedes Benz. This line of cars comes in between the GLK class and the GL class of cars. They are somewhat in between the two ranges of cars available to the people. This is the first car which has the electronic stability control system.

This is a first for this line of cars made by this company. With the help of this system, the car will be automatically able to detect the loss of control and ensure that the people do not face any mishaps on the road. The car will automatically steer back to the original speed in which it was been driven by the people. This is helpful for the people as this increases the safety of the people in the car considerably.

The two speed dual range facility in this car is also very helpful for the people. This enables one to make good use of the car and also change speeds easily without much problems. The car will be able to seat five to seven people. there is also an option for a third seat in this car.

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