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Mercedes Benz C class is the line of luxury cars made by the company. The cars cater mainly to the needs of the executives for compact cars. The car was initially available in the sedan version. But now the car is also available in the coupe version also. The car is high on the safety modes. The car has the side impact protection facility which enables people to recover easily from any impact that they experience while travelling. Moreover the airbags are also immensely helpful in increasing the safety margins in the car. This is the reason why this car rates so high in the safety meters all over the world.

Side lights, third stop light are some of the other exterior features which have been added to the car to enhance the look and also the safety of the car for the people who will be using it. The front and the rear bumpers of the car have also been reshaped by the people. The color coded side skirts have also been fitted so as to help the people with the job. The exterior radio antenna is now fitted in the rear glass and no longer can be found on the outside.

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