Mercedes Benz r class

Mercedes Benz r class ads in The UK

Mercedes Benz r class is a luxury MPV which have been made by the car manufacturing company, Daimler AG in the year 2006. This is the first full sized multi-purpose car which has been made by this company for use by the people. the car was initially labeled as a sports car and later this was changed to a family car. The car is available in two wheelbases.

The seven speed automatic transmission available with this car is very helpful for the people to get better fuel efficiency and also better performance from the car. This makes the driving of this car a pleasure for the driver. Sitting in the car is also a privilege. The passengers will not feel any bumps even on the worst of roads. The car is available in petrol and diesel powered engines. The diesel powered engines are helpful as the huge weight of the engines often slowed down the petrol powered cars. Hence most people opt for the diesel powered engines for this car. This enables them to get the best performance from the cars and also ensure that they get services worth the money that they have spent on the car.

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