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Mercedes Benz G class is also known as G Wagen. This is a cross country vehicle manufactured by the Daimler Ag company. This can be used both as a sports utility vehicle and also as a four wheel drive vehicle by the people. The car is popular due to the boxy styling and the body on frame construction that the people have made for this car. The three locking differentials used by this car enable one to increase the safety of the car. This is also another reason why people opt for this car in the first place.

The car also offered another first time facility for the people. The nano particle finish given to the car enhanced the look of the car considerably. The finish is also scratch resistant. Hence the people will not have to fear about getting any scratches on the body of the car. The Bi-Xenon headlamps and the corner illuminating front foglamps also ensure that the car will look good and also enhance the safety of the people in the car. This car is high on looks and safety. The performance of the car is also good and the fuel efficiency is mind blowing.

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