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Introduced in the year 2006, the Audi R8 is a great sports car for use by the people. the car has a medium ranged engine and has two seats. The car has been designed and manufactured by the company. It follows the all wheel drive system. The car is also available in a coupe and roadster version also. The car has been made in mind keeping the needs of the people who will be suing the car for participating in various motor sports events.

Great features make the car a pleasure for the sports loving individuals. The engine cooling system capacity is one such thing. It helps in easier and quicker cooling down of the car. This is helpful because this helps the car to work properly. The previous cars of this make can also be upgraded with the help of the kit. This enables the people to make good use of the older car of this type also. The braking system of the car has also been improved considerably by the company. the overall performance of the car has also improved due to the changes in the design of the car taking place over so many years.

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