Audi ads in The UK

Audi is a German manufacturing company which specializes in the manufacture, designing, engineering and the distribution of luxury cars all over the world. The company has its headquarters in Bavaria in Germany. This company is among the top three luxury automobile manufacturing brands in Germany. The other two brands are BMW and Mercedes Benz.

The company was founded by August Horch. The word Horch means to listen. This becomes Audi in the Latin language. Hence the name of the company has been given in the name of the founder. The slogan of the company is “Advancement through technology” and the company lives up to the name very efficiently. The company has however updated the slogan to “Truth in Engineering” recently at an event in the USA. The four rings in the logo of the company are symbolic of the four companies which joined hands to make this car company. The company was earlier known as Audi Union. Volkswagen is the biggest share holder in this company. The great technology used in the making of the cars is the reason why this company has remained as one of the top car manufacturing companies in the world through the years..

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