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Audi Q7 is a full sized car which has all the luxury amenities required by the people. The car was unveiled in the year 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor show. This is the first sports utility vehicle from the company which was sold since the year 2007. Despite been a luxury vehicle, the car has been designed in such a way so that one will be able to use it in any kind of road conditions. This is helpful for many people who will be taking the car out for long journeys.

The permanent four wheel drive system enables the people to make good use of the car in the long run. The central differential lock is also very helpful for the people. This not only increases the safety of the car but also of the people who will be travelling in the car. The electronic stability program in the car is also very helpful in the long run for the people. This helps to increase the safety of the car and do not compromise with the safety of the people in the car. New leather seating, new rear lights, four more colors of the car all have been introduced to attract the customers to buy this car.

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