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Audi A8 is a luxury sedan car manufactured by the German car manufacturing Company Audi. The car is presently in the third generation. The car is available in both front and permanent wheel drive versions. This car is immensely popular because this is the first car for the masses which has been made on aluminum chassis.

The car looks great both from the outside and also from the inside. The interiors of the car have the standard luxury amenities found in the luxury cars. The wood and the leather interiors of the car are very helpful for the people. This helps in giving the car a great and attractive look. The car is also developed with features like keeping the car cool even when the engine is on. These features enable the car to work in a better manner and also enable the people in the car to ride easily in it. Large passenger mirror and a first aid kit area in the rear part of the car is also attractive feature of the car. The revised grilles and the change in the headlights also give a new look to the existing car. This enhances the overall look of this luxury sedan.

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