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The Audi Q3 is a compact car which has been hailed as a crossover. This car made by the Audi company is very important for the customers mainly for the design and the great features which the people will be getting with the car.

The liquid silver body color of the car makes the car look handsome and appealing to the people. te twenty inch wheels of the car ensure bump free ride for the people. the car can be used for travelling in the worst roads also.

Fabric folding roof, electrically controlled hood are some of the other features which make the car such a pleasure to travel in by an individual. Dynamic, efficiency and sports are the three modes in which this car is available for use by the people. The MMI control panel has the touch pad facility. This is in keeping with the upgrading that is happening in the world of technology. The dual view technology and the great sound system in the car also enhance the riding experience in this car of the people. The emission control system of this car helps in reducing the amount of polluted air that is been let out in the environment.

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