Ford Scorpio

Ford Scorpio ads in The UK

The European Ford Granada was replaced by Ford Scorpio, an executive car, manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The cabin is roomy and the seats are almost like armchairs hence the driver and the passengers will enjoy their driving as the front seats come with multiple adjustments. Hence one can adjust their seat by moving them back or front in order to enjoy comfortable long journey. The car has enough legroom and headroom. Besides, the driving position is also comfortable. The body of this car is tough and rigid enough to endure any kind of minor prangs. The alarm system and immobilizer available in this vehicle act decently.

If proper maintenance is taken then there will be no issue. The 2.0 engine may produce irritating sound at high mileage. This problem shouldn’t be ignored. The interesting fact about this model is that its maintenance cost is economical and the insurance as well as the fuel economy is fair. The entry level cars enjoyed metallic paint and tinted glass. This model was able to supersede Granada because of the affordable running cost, spacious and tough engineering. It’s design was controversial in the beginning, however it has undergone several modifications and the latest model ensures more controlled ride.

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