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The Ford Focus c-max car is ideal for Europeans, who look for sophisticatedly designed family car with five-seats. This very model comes with flexible seating. The seats include ant-submarining ramps with ‘Tip and Tumble’ features. The anti-lock brake system with mechanical brake support helps one to drive safely and comfortably. This car comes with new Duratec HE gas engine and all-new common-rail turbo diesel engines. Besides, it has three point seat belts to ensure safety for the passengers and driver. Moreover, it has air-bags for safety purposes. It highly stylish in appearance and provide smooth driving.

The Ford Focus c-max car is considered to be one of the most appealing MAV (multi-activity vehicles). Although the launching of this vehicle was a little yet it has a great impact in the market. Well-built and neatly designed vehicle with comfortable seating are the main features why majority of the people opt for this model. The only drawback is that it cannot incorporate seven people but that does not prevent it from becoming an excellent family car. This vehicle is known for its excellent performance level. The engine of this vehicle can generate a peak of 90PS at 4000rpm. Furthermore, its braking system incorporates Discs at the rear and Vented Discs at the front.

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