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Ford C-Max is one of the upgraded models of the now defunct Ford Escape Hybrid. This car is actually a tall wagon version of the Ford Focus, another model manufactured by the same company. The company gives the customers the choice of buying either the gasoline engines or the diesel engines. The fuel economy in this car is very high and one of the reasons why many people opt for this car for their needs. The hands free motorized lift gate, the provision of active parking, rear side camera, Sony audio system, a number of colors to select from- all these makes the car high on the list of the cars that will be bought by an individual.

The car has been made in such a way so that the bumps on the road do not cause any problem for the people who will be riding the car. They will be able to use the car easily and also ride comfortably. This is what makes the car so popular among the people. The smoothness with which the steering wheels can be moved also adds to the comfort level of the driver while he is driving on the roads.

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