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Volkswagen is a German car manufacturing company which has its headquarters in Wolfsburg in Germany. It's part of the Volkswagen Group which is the biggest German auto maker. The company is the third largest automobile company in the world. The cars made by this company have featured in the list of the top ten cars sold by any company in the world. It has also been found that the company spends a considerable amount of money on the research and development of the cars compared to other car manufacturers.

The term Volkswagen means “People’s car” in German. The current slogan of this car making company is Das Auto (The Car). The company has been expanding in the production of a huge number of cars with the passing of time. compact, city car, super mini, small family car, compact MPV, large family car, compact sports car, large MPV and full size executive car are some of the current types available from this car manufacturing company. The Volkswagen Auto Museum in Germany is a museum which traces the development of this company and the evolution that they brought about in their car making in the long run. This is a great museum for car enthusiasts.

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