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Volkswagen Touran was the first model to exploit PQ35 platform along with costly multi-link rear suspension. This company facilitates the clients by offering broad choice of engines, diesel engine or petrol engine. This car is highly stylish in appearance and offers a family look just as the other Volkswagen models have. The lower intake just at the front of the car and its grille design along with the inclusion of familiar headlights followed up by strong bumper and familiar lights at the rear make the car look smart and elegant. The seating configuration of this model is fantastic.

There are two full-sized outer seats along with a small center seat in the middle row. The seats come with Isofix fittings in order to ensure safety. Besides, all the seats have side belts so that passengers can travel safely. It has a decent legroom hence passengers can seat comfortably.

The middle row seats offer comfort and easy journey however the third row may not be ideal for very tall person. Since it has small legroom and tall person may not be able to sit relaxingly. Although, this model is a bit expensive however its excellent features make the purchase worth. It offers safe driving.

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