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Peugeot 107 was launched in the year 2005 by the French car making company Peugeot. The front bumper, wheels and the interior have undergone great changes in this car. The initially introduced versions were not so much up-to-date. The new version has been given numerous facelifts so as to suit to the needs of the people. The number plate in this car has been moved from the middle to beneath so as to enhance the look of this car. The interior of the car also received some changes. This helped in the enhancing of the look considerably. The leather steering wheel made the car look awesome. This also gave a sophisticated and classy look to the car.

The betterment of the engines enables the people to run the car on less fuel. The increased fuel efficiency of the car is also helpful for the car owners considerably. The car is available in manual and semi-automatic transmission modes for the people. The carbon dioxide emission is also less for this car. This is helpful as the car will pollute the atmosphere less. The car has been face lifted in such a way so that the people will have great fun driving the car even on bad roads.

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