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Peugeot 307 is one of the premium cars manufactured by the French car making company Peugeot. The car was given the title of the European car of the year award in the year 2002. The car is available in three forms- hatchback, estate and saloon versions. This has been done to cater to the diverse needs of the people for such cars. Their needs have been kept in mind by the people and likewise the cars have been made.

The car received a facelift to keep in track with the competitors. Revised headlights, new bonnet and the removing of the standard Peugeot grille are the major changes done in the car. This enables the car to get a classy and modern look. The car was initially available in the three and five door hatchback versions. It was later changed to two estate versions. This has been done to keep in touch with the modern needs of the customers and to serve them the best in the market. The safety facets of this car are also of much help to the people. This ensures that the people buying the car will be protected from road mishaps and other such problems.

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