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Mercedes Benz is a German car manufacturing company. The company is among the traditional top three car brands in Germany, the other two brands being Audi and BMW. These three car companies are the three oldest car selling companies in the world. The cars made by Mercedes Benz were first introduced in the year 1926. The headquarters of this company is in Stuttgart, Germany. The brand manufactures buses, coaches, trucks and luxury cars for customers all over the world.

Quality and durability are the two pillars on which the car company 's reputation has been based since its founding. It is because of this reputation that the company has maintained its popularity even with the growth of competitor companies. The various models which are now available include A class, B class, C class, R class, M class, CL class, CLA class, E class, G class and many more. The great materials used for the manufacturing of the products of this company are one of the most important reasons for the popularity of the company among people all over the world.
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