Vauxhall Vivaro

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Available in six body types, the car has the highest load taking capacities among the cars in this class. The nine seat combination options is very helpful as one will be able to carry at least nine people in the car. This is very helpful for those people who have big families. They will be able to make good use of this space for their families. The car is available in the diesel engine only. No petrol engine for this model is made available for the people.

Air conditioning, electric windows, door mirrors, alarm are the extra facilities which one will be provided with this car. This enhances the safety of the car and also helps the people to drive safely in the car. The car is made in such a way so that the fuel consumption will be less and the Cardon-di-oxide emissions will also be low. In this way you will be contributing your part for the betterment of the environment. Six speed manual gear box is given with all the models under this range. The six speed automated Techshft tansmission is however optional. All these elements make the car such a pleasure to drive and ride for the people.
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