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The Renault logo is present just on the front end of Renault Twingo model. It is quite bigger and upright thereby developing brand identification. However, the car has an appealing and striking front end. The round sidelights and nice looking fog lamps are placed just next to the grille. Based on the requirement of the client, an electrically-operated fabric sunroof can installed to the car as an option. The presence of the curved lower tailgate and the round shaped rear bumper on the front of the car gives a dynamic look to the car.

The seat combination has been done beautifully. The interior of the vehicle is spacious and passengers can enjoy comfortable ride. The car has limited room for two seats at the rear but the seats are removable. However, the seats can be moved forward or backward to adjust the boot space. Another interesting fact is the passenger seats can be easily folded completely and looks like a picnic table. The presence of the three different ports allows the users to connect MP3 player so that passengers can tune to their favorites songs while having a long journey. The interior of the car is beautiful designed. It gives a well-organized look to the cabin.

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