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The Renault Kangoo is considered to the first leisure activity vehicle. It is highly spacious. The sleek looking grilles in the front and the stylish headlights provide a smart and elegant look to the car. This very model is 4.21m long with optimized capacity. The car has five real seats. The cabin is designed in such a manner that it is airy and compact.

Presence of the large sliding doors makes the use of this car easy and convenient. As far as engines are concerned, this vehicle comes with new Energy dCi 75 unit and Energy dCi 90 unit engines. Both the engines have stop and start function facilities and at the same time they are considered to be more fuel efficient.

The low running cost, spacious and smooth ride are the main reasons, why majority of the people are opting for this model. Driver and passengers side bags are available for safety purposes. This car ensures smooth driving and soaks up the surfaces of the coarse road. Nevertheless, it can get caught by the deep-hole or big potholes on the roadside. Moreover, it has impressive legroom and headroom hence passengers can have comfortable journey. There is hardly any wind noise when the car is running at higher speed.

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