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The stylish urban supermini vehicle, Renault 5, was manufactured in two generations. One is from 1972-1985, the model was called R5 and the second generation was between 1984 and1996 and the model was names as Super 5. This very model was had many young female buyers. The car with its rounded lines, three door style and short bonnet style was able to break the existing trends. Besides, the square shaped and the bright color dials in the cabin were able to reflect the styling trends of the 70s.

Renault 5 was considered to be at the forefront of the technical innovation. In order to keep the cabin of this model intact, a new central structured was manufactured or designed. The conventional chrome bumpers were replaced by the wraparound plastic bumpers so as to ensure safety of the vehicle. Slowly with the passage of time, this model enjoyed a great popularity among young urban buyers. This car was known for its low fuel consumption.

Perhaps, it was the main reason behind the popularity of this vehicle. Finally, R5 gained many versions. Each version comes with a sleek appearance. Some of the versions include Renault 5 Alpine, Renault 5 Turbo, Renault 5 Société and Renault 5 Automatic. Renault 5 Alpine was known for its sporty touch. However, the Renault 5 Turbo versions came with 4 stroke engine accompanied by an excellent quality turbo charger. Interestingly, this vehicle has won many important rally trophies.

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