Peugeot 605

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Peugeot 605 is an executive car which has been manufactured by the French car making company Peugeot. The car received a facelift in the year 1995. The car was initially built as a saloon car. Then according to the needs of the people, the car was again divided into two types- the executive car and the family car. This has been done to cater to the needs of the people for such cars.

Luxurious interior of the car is very eye catching. The great interior designs and the luxurious setting inside the car are very attractive for most individuals. The car has been made in such a way so as to provide smooth ride to the people in the car. This is of much interest to the people. Even on the worst roads, the car will be providing a smooth ride to the people. The dashboard of the car is too simple when compared with the great interior design of the car.

The technological advancements that can be seen in the car are in the introduction of the side airbags in the car. This has improved the safety and the reliability of the car in the long run.

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