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Ford Transit is one of the light commercial cars which have been manufactured by the Ford Company. This car was introduced in the year 1965 as a cargo van and has undergone huge changes since. The car has undergone many changes with the passing of time. This has been so as to keep the car updated with the changing times. the car which is in the latest edition borrows the design heavily from the other cars manufactured by Ford. Focus and Ka are the two car designs which have been amply copied for the updating of the Transit model. The diesel engine and the petrol engine are the two kinds of engines which are available for use by the people for this car type. The diesel was initially present while the petrol one has been added later on.

The car has various modes in it so as to help the people in getting adjusted easily to the different weather conditions. Economy mode, winter mode, tow haul mode and the adapted manual mode are some of the different kinds of modes available for the people. This enables them to drive the car in any drastic or bad weather or road conditions. This helps the divers immensely.

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