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Ford S Max is so popular among the people simply because of the versatility of the car and also because of the fact that the car offer huge spaces to the people. This is primarily of much help for those families who have more members. The car has such features that it can be used as a premium sports car also. The seven-seater car is very spacious and offers comfortable seating facilities to the people who will be travelling in the car. The folding second and third row seats offers thirty two seating arrangements for the people.

Apart from the spacing benefits, the car is also equipped technologically. This is so because of the features that has been given in the car. The rear view camera and the blind spot information system helps the people to have control over the car and also drive it easily on the roads. The technological advancements has only made life easier for the people. eco-boost and the road power shift are the other options available in the car to enable one to drive the car easily even on bad roads. The enhanced suspension system in the car helps to reduce fuel consumption and gives more power to the car.

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