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BMW Z8 is a roadster which has been manufactured by the BMW Company. Chris Bangle designed this car for the company. The car was initially designed to celebrate the millennium changes in the car made in this company. This car was introduced in the market by the company as a sports car. This is simply because this will give the feel of the luxury car and will have the features of a sports car.

The vintage look of the interiors of the car has been maintained by the company. This is simply done by hiding the modern equipments under cover in the car. The retracting panels gave a sophisticated look to the interiors and also did their part in hiding the modern equipments. The aluminum chassis and the body provided great safety to the people. With the help of this body the people in the car will be able to get great safety while travelling in the car. The engine of this car is located behind the front axle. This has been done so as to divide the weight of the car between the front and the rear sections. It enhances the driving experience considerably of the person.

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