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BMW Z3 is one of the modern mass market roadsters which have been manufactured by the BMW Company. This car even featured in one of the James Bond movies made in the year 1995. The car is also available in a coupe version. The car was initially available in a convertible version. It was later available in the coupe version.

The car received uplift both in the exterior and the interior areas. This was done to give the people the best cars at the given price range. Side airbags, in dash CD player, low tire pressure warning system, roll over bars, inner top liner were introduced in the cars so as to enable the people get the best facilities from the company. The redesigned wheels also helped in the enhancing of the feel of riding the car. The people will not feel bumpy ride even on bad roads. This is very helpful for the people. The brakes which were introduced in the car also increased the safety of the car and this is also very helpful for the people. The revised styling is also helpful in catching the eyes of the customers in the long run for the people.

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