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The BMW X6 is a medium sized luxury car. This is a crossover between a sports utility vehicle and a coupe. The car is made in such a way so that it will be able to withstand any kind of roads and weather conditions. All wheel drive and all weather facility is present in the car. This enables one to drive in this car easily on bad roads and in very bad weather conditions. This is safe and also comfortable for the drivers.

The coupe facility available in this car enhances the style and glamour of the car considerably. The stylish sloping roof of the car is very bold and adds a certain amount of drama to the presentation of the car. Four people can seat easily in the car. Even five people can also seat in the car as the seating space is quite big in the car. Good brakes enable the driver to steer the car even on bad roads easily. They have lesser chances of skidding. The electric engines are the latest addition to the series. This will help in improving the stability and the agility of the car which will be used by the people.

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