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Audi A2 is a good compact MPV styled car. The car has four to five seats for the seating by the people. The car was developed on the Audi AI2 concept. The ar was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor show in the year 1997. Constructed from aluminum, the car was immensely popular among the people due to the hard body of the car. The metal body gave the car the shine and also the safety which people searched for in the cars that they will be buying.

The car has an efficient engine and this helps in the reduction of the fuel consumption by the car immensely. Coupled with is the great design of the car. The car looks great both from the inside as well as outside. This is the reason why many people have been selecting this car in the long run. The avant garde styling in the car also helped to attract a number of people in the long run. The electronics of the engine and the fuel tank is also helpful for the people to use the car in the long run. The significantly larger than life space in the car is also very helpful for the people.

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