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Audi 100 is a medium sized car. The car is available in two doors and four door salon versions. It is also available in a stylish coupe version due to the growing needs of the people. The lourves near the rear side of the car and the shape of the rear light clusters are what makes the car look stylish and also appealing to the customers. The car initially was available with a diesel engine. But due to the demands of the people, the company introduced a petrol version of the same car to cater to the needs of the people. the interiors of the car is as well designed as the exterior of the car. This has been done to increase the level of comfort of the people in the car. The distance between the brakes and the steering wheel have been kept so as to give space to the driver and to make him feel at ease in the car.

The car had improved the brake pedal from what it initially was. This has been done so as to improve the efficiency of the car. This enables one to make good use of the facilities and also cater to the safety of the people in the car.

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